Pilgrimage In Islam (Hajj)

6th April 2007

Allah (swt) says in Qur’an:
‘And pilgrimage there to Is a duty men owe to Allah, those who can afford the journey’ (3:97)

In 9 AH, Hajj to the House of Allah (swt) was ordained as a Fundamental Pillar of Islam.

The necessity of Hajj once in a lifetime is compulsory on both men and women who are able to undertake the journey. For women it is necessary to be accompanied by a ‘Mahram’

The purpose of Hajj is solely for the pleasure of Allah (swt), it is a means of showing ones love for Allah (swt). It is for this reason that one forsakes all worldly objectives & luxuries & surrenders themselves to their Lord in full.

It is due to this sacrifice that;

Abu Harairah(RA) narrates that RasulAllah(saw) said:
Whosoever make pilgrimage for Allah without talking immodesty and doing anything foul returns as on the day on which his mother gave birth to him.’
(Bukhari, Muslim)

Ibn Masood (RA) reported that RasulAllah(saw) said:
‘Make Hajj & Umrah follow one another, because they both remove poverty and sins, just as a hammer removes rust of Iron, Gold and Silver; and there is no reward for an accepted pilgrimage except paradise.’
(Tirmizi, Nisai, Ahmad)

Hajj is the highest manifestation of Islamic brotherhood and democracy. Where the assembling of Muslims from all over the world shows unity and brotherhood.
It is on this platform that a person’s wealth, health and family will do nothing for him, ‘for the only thing Allah looks at is your heart’.

Who is required to perform Qurbani?

Every adult Muslim, male or female, who owns 613.35 grams of silver or its equivalent in money, personal ornaments, stock-in-trade or any other form of wealth which is surplus to his basic needs, is under an obligation to offer a Qurbani. Each adult member of a family who owns the above mentioned must perform his own Qurbani. If the husband owns the required quantity, but the wife does not, the Qurbani is obligatory on the husband only and vice-versa. If both of them have the prescribed quantum of wealth, both should perform Qurbani separately.

This is to emulate the sacrifice of Ibrahim (as) when he was ordered to slaughter his son in a dream, which he was prepared to carry out. But Allah (swt), after testing the quantum of his submission, sent down a sheep and saved his son from the logical fate of slaughter. Allah (swt) loved this Act of his so much that he ordained this sunnat on those who have the means.

May Allah (swt) bless us with the opportunity of Hajj in our lifetime, may Allah (swt) accept our Hajj and sacrifice, may Allah (swt) except our efforts & Duas, Aameen.

Mufti Yusuf Danka (CMIC)