9th December 2008

Undoubtedly jealousy destroys excellences (good deeds, virtues) and inclines one towards sins. It is a disease with which even the great personalities are suffering. This jealousy has ruined people and put them into the fire of Hell.
Know well that 5 evils crop up due to jealousy:

1. Evil in Obedience
The Prophet (saw) said: ‘Jealousy eats up virtues (Aa’maal) just as fire eats fuel.’ (Abu Dawood)

2. Sins & Mischief
Wahb ibn Munabbah says: ‘When he is face to face he flatters, when he is not face to face he backbites; and when any calamity befalls others he feels happy.’

The greatest proof of the evil of jealousy is that Allah (swt) has enjoined us to seek refuge in Allah against the jealousy of the jealousy ones.
Allah (swt) says: ‘...And from the evil of an envious on when he envies.’ (113:5)

Allah (swt) has mentioned the evil of jealousy along with Shaytaan and soothsayers, and enjoined us to seek refuge against all of them. Ponder over this as to how great an affliction jealousy is and how great is its evil. It is for this reason Allah (swt) has said that in order to remain protected from their evil seek Allah’s help and come under his refuge.

3. Attachment of Anxiety and Purposeless Grief and Worry
Along with grief and worry a sort of burden and inclination towards disobedience appears:
Ibn Sammak(ra) said: ‘Besides an envier I have not found any cruel person more resembling with the oppressed. Such a person remains ever sorrowful, scattered in thought and ever engaged in grief.’

4. Blindness of the Heart
The heart becomes so blind that the capability to understand any command of Allah (swt) is removed from it:
Sufyan Ath-Thawri (ra) said: ‘Adopt the habit of remaining ever silent. This will generate within you wara’(piety). Don’t be greedy so that you may remain protected from trials. Don’t criticise others so that you may remain protected from the blame and abuse of the people. Don’t be jealous so that you may be endowed with the sharpness of understanding.’

5. Disgrace and Deprivation
Man does not become successful in any of his purpose, nor can he overpower an of his rivals:

Hatim Asamm(ra) said: ‘One who keeps malice cannot be a man of faith, one who finds fault in others cannot be a worshipper, one who backbites cannot attain peace, one who is jealous is deprived of help from Allah (swt).’

How can a jealous individual succeed in his purpose when his purpose is that all the favours of Allah (swt) be taken away from all his servants and given to him?

How can a jealous person overpower his rivals when they are the pious men of Allah (swt)?

Abu Yaqub (ra) prayed: ‘O Allah! Keep us protected from envying the favours that you have showered on your servants, rather make their states better.’

Jealousy is such a disease, which destroys the reward and compensation of worship and sows the seeds of evil and disobedience. It finishes ones peace and tranquility. It deprives him of understanding his faith. With it a man cannot overpower his rival nor can he become successful in his purpose. It is understood that no disease is more dangerous than envy (and jealousy) which needs immediate cure. Hence don’t become careless in this respect and take care to eliminate this disease of jealousy.

May Allah (swt) protect us from this evil and inculcate in us the ability to recognise our faults


Mufti Yusuf